Gallery Lighting

Ceiling hanging light - Italy 1960-70

Ceiling hanging light, glass paste, new wiring.

Italy 1960-70



Ref.: SPVI2


Chandelier by Maison Baguès - France 1950

Ravishing chandelier, golden wrought iron, glass and glittered glass.

Maker: Maison Baguès - Paris

France c. 1950

Ref.: LMBF


Standing lamp by T-Pons - Barcelona 1970

Huge standing lamp with three systems, blackened steel and polished brass.

Model: Arco

Maker: T-Pons

Spain, Barcelona c....

Ref.: LATP


Standing lamp with three arms - France 1950-60

Large standing lamp with three arms, black lacquered cast iron base, solid polished brass arms with flexos at the bottom. Lightning system with...

Ref.: L3BF

1 200,00 €

Tripod standing lamp - France 1950

Tripod standing lamp, black lacquered steel stands and polished brass, white silk lampshades.

France c. 1950

Ref.: LTAS

1 850,00 €

MDF table lamp - Spain 1980

Table lamp, MDF with aplications of beech and pine wood, central plexiglas cylinder with parchment paper inside. Three uniques items made for a...

Ref.: LDME

550,00 €

Pair of acanthus leaves wall lights - France 1960

Pair of wall lights with three large plexiglass acanthus leaves and golden metal.

France c. 1960

Ref.: APMF

750,00 €

Pair of wall lights - Italy 1970

Pair of wall lights, brass support with yellow-orange bubble molten glass.

Italy c. 1970

Ref.: APVI

950,00 €

Wall light by Ignazio Gardella - Italy 1960

Wall light in steel, brass and pressed glass. 

Model: LP6

Design: Ignazio Gardella

Italy c. 1960



Ref.: AAIG

500,00 €

Decorative wall light - Barcelona 1950

Large decorative wall light with flowers patterns in golden wrought iron and pink and white cut glass, small cristal flowers. New wiring.


Ref.: AMFB

850,00 €

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