Gallery Lighting

Table lamp from the 1940´s

Table lamp, chrome plated metal and stained and etched glass.

Italy c. 1940

Ref.: LI40


False pair of table lamps

Charming false pair of small alabaster table lamps, new electricity system.

Spain c. 1960

Ref.: FPAE

800,00 €

Art Deco ceramic table lamp

Art Deco table lamp, celadon green ceramic, ingenius wood light support, almond green silk lampshade. Many marks and stamps at the base.


Ref.: LTCT

1 100,00 €

Pair of large wall lights by Dijkstra...

Pair of large wall lights, nickel plated steel articulated arms, wood imitation lacquered metal, solid teak and black and white silk...

Ref.: GADL


Pair of italian wall lights from the 1960´s

Pair of splendid wall lights of high quality, nickel plated brass structure with 30 hanging solid glass sticks, can be dismantle, 3 lights...

Ref.: PAIV


"Ice" wall light

"Ice" wall light, moulded glass, frosted in frontal side, nickel plated brass structure, new lightning system.

Italy from the 60´s

Ref.: S4AG

650,00 €

Chandelier with 16 hanging glasses

Chandelier with 16 hanging yellow and blue glasses from the 50´s.

Design: Fins de Siècles

Ref.: L16F

"Kaiser-idell luxus" desk lamp

Desk lamp, niquel plated brass and black lacquered steel sheet, articulated stand and adjustable lampshade.

Model: Kaiser-idell luxus...

Ref.: LCDK

1 250,00 €

Standing lamp from the 1950´s

Standing lamp, polished solid brass with six lights, overhanged by a celadon green lacquered lampshade, white lacquered inside. New wiring.


Ref.: LLUS

2 500,00 €

Rare set of four wall lights

Rare set of four wall lights in exotic solid wood, french polish, plexiglass and polished brass.

France c. 1960

Ref.: 4ABE


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