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Art Deco blown glass vase -  Czechoslovakia...

Art Deco blown and acid etched glass vase, decorated with a faun playing the flute.

Czechoslovakia c. 1930

Ref.: VT30

650,00 €

Pair of candle holders - Western Germany 1970

Pair of candle holders, chrome plated metal and light smoked glass. Spring system for keeping candles at the right height.


Ref.: PG70

800,00 €

Large amphora by Guérin - Belgium 1947

Large stoneware amphora with geometrical decoration.

Signed: Guérin 1947 - Grés taille unique (One size stoneware)


Ref.: AGDG

850,00 €

Ball vase by Guérin - Belgium 1940

Stoneware Ball vase with four handles.

Signed: Guérin 186/E

Belgium, Bouffioulx c. 1940

Ref.: VBGB

350,00 €

Sterling silver candelabras, 3 arms - Barcelona...

Pair of sterling silver candelabras, 3 arms, weighted base (only one), weight: 375 gr each.

Stamps: Star and "Spider or Sun".


Ref.: C3BB


Stylized vase by Guérin - Belgium 1940

Big stylized stoneware vase.

Signed: Guérin 160 LD

Belgium, Bouffioulx c. 1940

Ref.: VSGB

450,00 €

Large vase by Guérin - Belgium 1935-40

Large salt glaze stonware vase with small neck.

Marked and signed: Guérin 1771j


Ref.: GVGB

350,00 €

Pair of candlesticks "Palmera"

Paire of candlestick "Palmera" in solid silver, triangle stamped patterns and glass disc.

Sign Joan Albardane i Buch.


Ref.: PBPA

3 800,00 €

Fountain "Les Fontaines de...

Green and blue enameled ceramic fountain, marine decoration. Form by three pieces, stand with seahorse...

Ref.: FFPC

2 500,00 €

Pair of decorative plates - Spain 1960

Pair of decorative ceramic plates with feminine faces drawings, illegible sign.

Spain c. 1960

Ref.: PPDE

350,00 €

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