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Stylized mouflon Art Deco sculpture

Stylized mouflon Art Deco sculpture, brass with original patina, black composite material base.

Spain c. 1930

Ref.: MLDE


Round blue mirror

Spectacular round mirror, South Seas blue mirror and chrome plated brass frame, everything original.

Italy c. 1960

Ref.: MBMS

950,00 €

Large Art Deco mirror

Spectacular large Art Deco mirror, window, curtain and pompoms engraved decoration, chrome plated brass frame.

Italy c. 1930

Ref.: MFRP

2 800,00 €

Art Deco elephants ceramic by Lemanceau

Large enameled Art Deco ceramic, an elephant and baby with a vegetal background, some small losses.

Sign: Lemanceau

France c....

Ref.: 2ELF

700,00 €

Art Deco mirror with a walnut frame

Art Deco mirror with a root walnut frame, french polish. Grindstoned geometrical decoration, original oxidation.

France c....

Ref.: MADN

1 450,00 €

Pair of big Catalan modernism mirrors

Pair of big Catalan Modernism mirrors, solid oak and original golden decoration, french polish. New beveled mirrors.

Spain, Barcelona c....

Ref.: PMBC

1 500,00 €

Art Deco mirror  Barcelona 1930

Art Deco mirror, formed by nine mirrors with a stained and french polished walnut frame, nickel plated bronze decorative claps, silvering losses...

Ref.: M9GB

850,00 €

Art Deco spanish mirror

Art Deco mirror, grindstoned geometrical decoration, chrome plated "baguette style" frame, original oxidation. It can...

Ref.: MADE

600,00 €

Italian mirror from the 40´s

No framed mirror with its original oxidation, acid etching "Venetian style" decoration.

Italy c. 1940

Ref.: MSEV

950,00 €

Large Art Decó  mirror

Large Art Decó  beveled mirror, polished cast aluminium frame with geometrical shape.

France c. 1930

Ref.: GMAP

1 650,00 €

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