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Large Art Deco mirror

Spectacular large Art Deco mirror, window, curtain and pompoms engraved decoration, chrome plated brass frame.

Italy c. 1930

Ref.: MFRP

2 800,00 €

Large beveled mirror Italy 1960

Large beveled mirror with a white lacquered wood frame, backlighting system.

Italy c. 1960

Ref.: GMRE

850,00 €

Mirror by Cristal Art

Spectacular mirror with original green gray rounded cristal frame.

Maker: Cristal Art

Italy c. 1960

Ref.: MCAI

1 850,00 €

Table mirror by Sergio Mazza

Pivoting vanity-table mirror, brushed nickel plated frame and Portor marble base. Original patina.

Design: Sergio Mazza


Ref.: MTM2


Small engraved mirror 

Nice small engraved mirror with stars and capsules.

France 1945-50

Ref.: PMGF

750,00 €

Mirror "Oscar for men"

Teak frame triangular mirror "Oscar for men", stamped Disegno Graffi Home at the back.

Design: Franco Campo & Carlo Graffi


Ref.: MGHI

750,00 €

Art Deco mirror with a walnut frame

Art Deco mirror with a root walnut frame, french polish. Grindstoned geometrical decoration, original oxidation.

France c....

Ref.: MADN

1 450,00 €

Art Deco mirror

Art Deco mirror, frame and tie in nickel plated brass, original beveled mirror.

France c. 1930

Ref.: MADF

950,00 €

Solid silver cup

Solid silver cup with encrustation of turquoise enamels.

Weight: 878 grms

Sign Casa Bagués.

Barcelona c. 1950

Ref.: CAMT

1 850,00 €

Pair of art deco candelabra

Pair of art deco candelabra of 2 branches in solid silver, stamp "Star" Barcelona.

Weight: 347 grms each

Barcelona c. 1930

Ref.: PB2B

1 150,00 €

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