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Sweet box

Sweet box in solid silver, lapis lazuli cabochon.

Design: J. & A. Torres - Barcelona

Weight: 450 grs

Spain c. 1950 

Ref.: BACL

1 050,00 €

Solid silver vase

Solid silver vase with encrustation of turquoise enamels, stamp "Star" Barcelona.

Maker: Serrahima

Weight: 605 grms


Ref.: VAMT

1 750,00 €

Pair of candlesticks "Palmera"

Paire of candlestick "Palmera" in solid silver, triangle stamped patterns and glass disc.

Sign Joan Albardane i Buch.


Ref.: PBPA

3 800,00 €

Pair of candelabra

Pair of candelabra with 3 branches in solid silver, stamp "Star" Barcelona.

Barcelona c. 1950

Ref.: PCAM



Centerpiece in solid silver, partially hammered, stamp "Star" Barcelona

Weight: 865 grs

Spain c. 1950

Ref.: CTAM

850,00 €

Sugar bowl

Sugar bowl in solid silver and bakelite, stamp "Star" Barcelone.

Weight: 132 grs

Spain c. 1950 

Ref.: SAMB

385,00 €

Pair of centerpieces

Pair of centerpieces in silver plated metal.

Barcelona c. 1960

Ref.: CTMA

250,00 €

Stick-flowers vase and candelabra

Stick-flowers vase and candelabra, silver-plated metal.

Spain c. 1950

Ref.: PFCH

135,00 €

Small art deco cup

Small art deco fluted cup in solid silver, stamp "Star" Barcelona.

Barcelona c. 1930

Ref.: PCAD

350,00 €

Art deco cup

Art deco cup in solid silver, stamp Barcelona

Barcelona c. 1925

Ref.: CADA

750,00 €

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