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Small sideboard - France 1940

Small three doors sideboard with one drawer, diamond shape decorationsolid and stained walnut, french polished and...

Ref.: MA40

3 450,00 €

Two doors sideboard - France 1940

Two doors sideboard with diamond shape decoration and four drawers, solid and stained walnut, french polished and waxed. Two shelves inside,...

Ref.: EPDF

4 350,00 €

Long rounded sideboard by Vittorio Dassi - Italy 1950

Spectacular long rounded sideboard, solid wood with India rosewood veneer, french polish. Gold leafing solid wood decorations on doors and at...

Ref.: EVDC


Art Deco sideboard - Italy 1930

Art Deco sideborad with three doors, birdseye maple veneer and zebrano veneer decoration between doors, french polish, cherry wood inside. Black...

Ref.: E3PI

5 850,00 €

Mahogany sideboard in the style of Ico Parisi - Italy

Spectacular sideboard, six carved "grisinnis" style doors with invisible hinges, opening into three large compartments. Four external long...

Ref.: EIPI 06 10 17 25


Pair of Art Deco cabinets - Italy 1930

Exceptional Pair of Art Deco two blocks cabinets, solid mahogany structure and interiors, India rosewood veneer, french polish. Etched mirrors...

Ref.: PC30

14 500,00 €

Small rounded sideboard from the 1940´s

Small rounded sideboard, solid mahogany and rosewood veneer, french polish, three black lacquered feet, two drawers and shelf inside, very...

Ref.: PBGP


Sideboard with marquetry - Italy 1940

Splendid sideboard, solid wood and stained ash veneer, french polish. Fluted external doors, and central doors with parchment veneer, decorated...

Ref.: EI40

6 750,00 €

Rounded Art Deco sideboard by Jean Fauré -...

Spectacular large rounded Art Deco sideboard, oak structure with Macassar ebony and mottled maple veneer, french polish. Five drawers with solid...

Ref.: EMJF

9 500,00 €

Art Deco rosewood sideboard

Art Deco sideboard, solid mahogany and India rosewood veneer, french polish, 2 drawers and a false drawers door at the bottom, 2 side doors with...

Ref.: EFAD

5 800,00 €

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