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Entrance Hall wardrobe from the 1950s

Charming entrance hall wardrobe, mahogany and rosewood veneers, maple jambs and filets, mahogany veneer inside, French polish, brass and...

Ref.: AVAP


Vitrine from the 1940´s

Vitrine with four doors, two side ones on top with glass shelves, and two at the bottom with one shelf, stained walnut, french polish, nickel...

Ref.: VB40

3 800,00 €

Art Deco occasional cabinet

Art Deco small occasional cabinet, solid and veneer mahogany, incrusted decoratives celluloid plates, mahogany wood inside.

France c....

Ref.: MAAD

2 850,00 €

Art Deco shelving unit

Art Deco shelving unit, 2 levels, chrome plated brass and thick glass (15mm) with mirror strip of 5 cm width, can be dismantle.


Ref.: EADB

2 200,00 €

Art Deco cubist cabinet 

Art Deco cubist cabinet, 2 doors, darkened mahogany veneer, french polish, solid oak inside, solid mahogany handles, nickel plated bronze...

Ref.: CADC

2 950,00 €

Pair of small bookcases from the 1950´s

Splendid pair of small bookcases, solid stained mahogany, french polish, polished brass magazine rack.

Italy c. 1950

Ref.: PBAN

4 800,00 €

Art Deco french vitrine

Spectacular Art Deco vitrine, solid mahogany and Rio rosewood veneer, french polish, two glass shelves and three drawers, nickel-plated bronze...

Ref.: VAP3


"Cellar" set

"Cellar" set, stained mahogany and brass rings round table with four benches looking like barrels.

Italy from the "50"s.

Ref.: EB

3 800,00 €

Art Nouveau Dessert Table

Outstanding Art Nouveau dessert table, solid rosewood (bois de rose) and rosewood (bois de rose) veneer, french polish, removable tray with...

Ref.: DANF

2 850,00 €

"Agave leaves" jardiniere

"Agave leaves" jardiniere, leaves in stained and varnished wood, metal box with small mirrors and brass accesories.

Italy c. 1940

Ref.: JFAB

4 200,00 €

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