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Set of twelve Scudo wall lights by Fael

Set of twelve new (without use) wall lights with its original boxes, lacquered aluminium.

Model: SCUDO

Maker: FAEL


Ref.: ASFI

175,00 €

Large floral ceiling light - Spain 1960

Large floral ceiling or wall light with five lights in golden wrought iron. High quality.

Spain c. 1960

Ref.: GAFE

1 300,00 €

Pair of small wall light "Sigma" - Sergio...

Pair of small ceiling or wall light "Sigma", thick pressed glass and nickel plated brass.

Model: Sigma

Design: Sergio...

Ref.: PASA

950,00 €

Set of four Murano crystal wall lights - 1970

Set of four large wall lights, brass structure with thirteen plates of white-transparent Murano crystal with a frosted finishing and an amber...

Ref.: S4GA


Set of four wall lights - France 1940

Set of four neoclassical wall lights in golden bronze, two lights. High quality.

France c. 1940

Ref.: 4ABF

2 600,00 €

Wall light by Ignazio Gardella - Italy 1960

Wall light in steel, brass and pressed glass. 

Model: LP6

Design: Ignazio Gardella

Italy c. 1960



Ref.: AAIG

500,00 €

Set of 3 chandeliers or sconces 

Set of 3 chandeliers or sconces in white lacquered metal and engraved glass (one of them with defects), chrome plated brass.

Italy c....

Ref.: S3PA

950,00 €

Set of three wall lights - Barcelona 1960

Set of three wall lights, golden metal leaves and wrought iron, waxed cardboard candles, rewired.

Spain, Barcelona c. 1960


Ref.: E3AB

1 800,00 €

Ceiling or wall light "Sigma" by Sergio Mazza -...

Ceiling or wall light "Sigma", thick pressed glass ans nickel plated brass, three lights.

Model: Sigma

Design: Sergio...

Ref.: PSMA

950,00 €

Pair of "Pusicona" wall lights by Micolitti

Pair of "Pusicona" large wall lights with adjustable height system, nickel plated metal and white opaline.

Design: Franco Micolitti


Ref.: APMA


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